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Welcome to the ProtoGalaxy WikiEdit

ProtoGalaxy is a scrolling shooter game developed by Source Studio and released on Steam. It supports up to 4 player co-op multiplayer, has customizable ships and equipment, detailed physics and a gravity beam weapon, and can support several different gameplay styles from classic arcade scrolling to complicated puzzles. A major feature of the game is its Editor tool which allows any player to make their own campaigns, and easily play them online with others. The Editor alone was used to make the official campaign.


Read in-depth about what mechanics ProtoGalaxy has and what the highlights are


Learn how to play, ways you can customize you controls, and some common tactics you can use


Explanations and detailed stats on all customizable equipment you can get


All enemies and their default behavior are explained here


Comprehensive guide on all the Editor can do and how you can use it


Summaries on official campaigns by Source Studio and a directory of user campaigns

Latest activityEdit

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